Men Facial Beard Hair Transplant

Men Facial Beard Hair Transplant

Beard Implants

Popularly referred to as a “Men Facial Beard Hair Transplant”

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What is a Beard Implants?

For many guys who want to grow a beard, it's easy as simply avoiding the razor and letting nature run its course. The stubble may not always grow evenly on the face, which results in facial hair that is patchy instead of a neat beard. It is possible that you be born with genes that render any kind of beard growth virtually impossible. However, just like you could transplant your hair on high point of your hair in order to address receding hairlines Also, you could try an implant for your beard if facial hair follicles haven't been working.

This method of hair restoration procedure is gaining increasingly popular and is a procedure for cosmetics that isn't invasive and doesn't require a lot of time to complete and the healing process is also very simple. It's essentially the implanting of hair follicles in any hair loss spots around the face. Hair follicles will be removed separately from the rear of the scalp because this is that hair is thickest. The surgeon places each follicle into the facial area of the patient which requires a greater hair density. This adds instant volume to the beard or mustache according to the requirements. If you're used to regular hair transplants, beard transplants follow the same method.

Transplanted hairs originate from your scalp, mostly on the side of your hair, which is where it's the largest and closest to beard. This allows the aesthetic surgeon to choose the best hair source to make the transfer. It can also help avoid issues with the beard's color, consistency and texture.

A full beard transplantation could take around eight hours, and the path to recovery and growing a full beard can be a long time.

The hairs transplanted will be falling out around 15-30 days following surgery. However, this is a good thing that your beard follicles are getting ready to grow. In around 90 days, your beard will complete its growth, and the majority of hair follicles will have settled in their place. About four months after the surgical procedure, your facial hair will begin to grow in size; after around nine months you'll have an entire beard.

If you're blessed with good hair growth on your head and your beard is healthy, a transplant of it is a feasible option to reach your hair-loss goals. Many males suffering from male pattern baldness would like to consider the procedure of transplanting their beard, however, they may be limited in their options. It is important to know that this procedure is expensive and insurance may not cover it.

Like all procedures, there are dangers of infection and bleeding, however this is not the case with hair transplantation. Sometimes, the hair follicles can be inflamed and infected. There is also the possibility of scarring around the site of origin, but the majority of hair will cover the area over time. The results can be different and therefore, be realistic in your expectations.

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