ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

Popularly referred to as a “robotic hair restoration”

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What Is ARTAS?

This ARTAS Robotic hair-restoration device an innovative hair transplant that is minimally invasive device that makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to give precise, natural results that don't leave the appearance of a linear scar. With advanced image-guided robotics ARTAS is able to precisely analyse and cut the most effective hair grafts in your donor area hundreds of times each session, and determine where they should be implanted in order to achieve a smooth, custom-designed hairline that is perfectly suited for your needs.

The ARTAS robotic hair transplantation system begins with 3D technology to assist you in customizing and create your own hairline. The system then utilizes an advanced stereoscopic vision system, robotic arm as well as ARTAS Artificial Intelligence algorithms to find and select the top hair follicles that can be transplanted. The follicles are then harvested with speed and precision to maintain the natural appearance of your donor area, resulting in no scarring in the linear direction. It is the ARTAS procedure is also able to precisely determine and design an ideal site for the recipient and then implant the hair follicles that were harvested*. The procedure is minimally invasive and safeguards your healthy hair and creates a natural look on both your donor region and the new area of implantation.

The ARTAS system is an extremely minimally invasive procedure that is practically unnoticeable. Contrary to other methods for hair restoration there is no requirement to remove surgically the scalp strip from the sides and back of your head. This means there's no scar that is linear after the procedure as well as no need for staples or stitches to seal the wound. The result is a dramatically reduced time to heal.

Through the ARTAS system and the FUE method is accomplished through a cut. The trimming of your hair in the donor zone will allow to the ARTAS technology to precisely identify, track and extract every hair grouping. You will receive specific instructions from your physician on the length that your hair must be prior to the procedure.

In part of the ARTAS procedure the scalp is anesthetized until it becomes numb. If you feel discomfort during the procedure, your doctor will determine if it is required to inject an additional anesthesia in order to lessen discomfort. Most patients don't experience discomfort. Patients may experience minor swelling and pain after surgery that subsides within up 3 to 4 days.

Hair transplanted from the donor is grown naturally, in phases. The new hairs will appear about three months after the procedure , and will continue to grow over the course of the year. In about six months you'll see a significant improvement, and after one year, you'll see the full effects. But, the your individual results and timeframes could differ for every patient.

Although hair loss might not be completely eliminated after transplantation The ARTAS procedure makes use of hair that grows permanently usually from your back head. Your doctor will then implant this hair into the areas that are thinning on your scalp. Because this hair is unlikely to be affected by the conditions that cause male pattern hair loss the hair transplanted by the procedure will generally last for the rest of your life. The doctor you consult with can evaluate the treatment options available to you and talk about the potential outcomes you can anticipate.

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