Platysmaplasty – Neck Lift

Platysmaplasty – Neck Lift

Neck Lift

Popularly referred to as a “Platysmaplasty”

Face Plastic Surgeries

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What is a Neck lift?

Neck lifts are cosmetic procedure that takes away extra skin, fat and excess tissue around the jaw line, resulting in a more youthful and defined neck. The effects can last for years however, neck lift surgery isn't going to slow the process of aging. The neck is among the first areas where we display our age. A sagging jawline "turkey wattle," vertical bands, and horizontal creases contribute to making us look younger than we actually feel. A neck lift improves facial appearance through strengthening the skin and neck muscles, as well as improving the shape that the neckline takes. The procedure is usually carried out alongside liposuction facial lifts, or cheek lift, but it can also be performed as an independent procedure.

If you're well-informed and have a positive outlook as well as realistic expectations then you are probably a great person to undergo this treatment.

  • You have turkey wattles, it gives you a look older than you actually are,
  • If you think your neck is too big,
  • If you've lost the distinctive jawline of your youth and would like to bring it back
  • If you're suffering from wrinkles, skin or excess skin on your neck, you may have wrinkles.

Below are a few typical reasons to be considering a neck lifts:

  • You're looking for a slimmer neck with distinct jawline that is able to separate you from the rest of your body
  • There is extra skin and fat on your neck
  • Your neck is now forming lines and folds

If only a small amount of contouring is required this procedure can be accomplished with only liposuction. The process for a complete neck lift follows:

  • Incisions are made below the chin or behind the ear depending on the method selected
  • The muscle of the platysma is tightened and sewn (corset platysmaplasty) in the same way as shoelaces are tied.
  • The excess skin and fat are meticulously cut away
  • The skin and tissue are moved and secured by sutures
  • Incisions are sealed and drains can be put in place prior to the wounds getting covered with a bandage.

There are many different ways to cut depending on the severity of the procedure and the affected structures. When a platysmaplasty corset has been being planned (in where the platysma muscle are sewn tightly to create an even neck contour) an incision of a smaller size is made below the neck (submental incision) as well as a smaller facial lift-like incision behind each ear. For patients with smaller ages who want an upper neck lift that requires only a small changes to their face, neck correction is sometimes accomplished using just the submental incision, or by making a single incisions between each ear.

In normal situations the results of neck lift surgery will last for a long time.

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