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What are Dental Veneers?

Are you searching for a white, well-formed and fully developed, gap-free, tooth restoration process? If so, dental veneers are the perfect option. It not only gives your teeth a gorgeous shape and color, it can also restore your teeth's youthful beauty and creates a gorgeous smile. Veneers are the essential component in achieving Hollywood Smile.

Veneers are tiny pieces of ceramic material made to look just like real teeth. They can provide an extremely natural appearance and a smile.

Composition of Dental Veneer:

The dental veneers serve as prosthetics. They are made of composite or porcelain resin, making them more affixed to the teeth. Veneers offer extra protection and natural covers. The teeth appear more attractive, better form, and more attractive.

The demand for Hollywood Smile has grown recently. Everyone is looking for veneers for proper reasons. However, most people aren't conscious that veneers for teeth can be found in different types. Each one of them has various qualities and costs different for patients.

Porcelain Veneers 

Porcelain Veneers are constructed of porcelain and can be used to make caps. These caps for dental use help to hide broken areas of teeth and also conceal any cosmetic imperfections.

The veneers of porcelain are filled with enamel. Additionally, the layer that is nearly as strong as the surface is removed in order to allow enough space for the layer.

The removal of enamel is crucial. In the absence of enamel, applying the veneers directly creates an appearance that is bulky and diminish the appearance of the final results.


The other type of dental veneers are the lumineers. Lumineers are shells made of paper that are partially transparent. They require less preparation compared to porcelain veneers or advanced dental procedures. Because of its size and brittle construction it's not required of filling the enamel layers in the course of treatment.

So, for those who aren't interested in the removal of their enamel layer or cutting your teeth, dental lumineers can be the ideal solution.

Composite Resin Veneers

Thirdly, the final type of dental veneers is composite veneers made of resin. These veneers are constructed of the same materials as dental filling. The procedure of applying veneers is quite easy. But, the modifications needed to create the appearance of veneers similar to natural teeth can be difficult. Furthermore the composite veneers appear similar to plastic.

In reality, PSO - plastic surgery offers for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE the most reliable options for patients as we believe in establishing relationships and establishing trust. Our patients are assisted in deciding which veneer is best for their needs and give them the best solution.

Dental veneers offer a solution to many dental problems. The dentist could recommend it to many different individuals and even oppose it to numerous reasons. The goal of dental veneers is to enhance the beauty of your appearance and provide practical benefit for the patient. But, if in any way the use of veneers results in more problems than solutions, it's not suggested. This is why we have listed the scenarios that dental veneers can be suggested:

  1. Teeth discoloration and staining of teeth
  2. Teeth with gaps or missing teeth
  3. Teeth chipped due to grinding or the clenching
  4. Teeth that have become old are showing signs of the aging process
  5. Teeth can be affected by lifestyle choices, such as cigarettes, coffee drinking and drinking tea.

The process of bonding and placing the veneer is easy. But, before you install the veneer no matter what type , it is required in order to make the dental surface ready. The procedure involves drilling the teeth with less than 0.5 millimeters. To accomplish this the patient is provided with local anesthesia. Once the tooth is drilled the veneer is then carefully installed by our dental specialist.

Veneers are durable and typically last between 10 and 20 years. However, certain veneers may be more durable than others. A study on cosmetic dentistry indicates that porcelain veneers are longer-lasting and more durable than composite veneers made of resin.

Dental veneers do not cause harm to teeth in any way. In fact, they shield teeth against decay. Additionally, they protect teeth from harm of other types. But, prior to the application of veneers, prep is performed, in where the dental teeth get drill. The preparation is carried out through cosmetic dentists. But, it is contingent on the quality of the work completed. Plastic surgery offers we provide you with experts in the field of dentistry and doctors who are top of the line in their field.

Of course, it's possible to repair the veneers. But, every time a replacement of a veneer is made the tooth needs to be cleaned and drilled. It involves cutting, drilling and removing the previous veneer before making room to install the brand new. Installing the new veneers will require making the old ones ready.

Dental veneers that are cosmetically designed can be a fantastic investment in your own appearance and health. To protect your investment and ensure it is last, you need to follow certain steps which we suggest:

Avoid anything that damages your teeth:

As a general rule it is best to avoid things that damage your teeth. Anything that causes damage to your teeth can also harm the veneers.

Brush and floss:

It is recommended to brush as well as floss at least once a evening before going to bed. It can prolong the life for your porcelain veneers.

Use non-abrasive toothpaste:

When you are making a paste, that you don't make use of any abrasive toothpaste. Do not use any whitening toothpaste since it is abrasive and contains abrasive chemicals. Additionally, avoid brushing vigorously to brighten your teeth because using a hard brush can strip away the polish that is on your veneer.

Not use your veneers so hard:

There are people who enjoy chewing or biting objects like nail polish, pen or even Ice cubes. These items, however, could cause damage to your teeth and also the prosthetic veneer put on top of your teeth.

Do not grind or clench:

Certain people are prone to the habit of grinding or grinding their teeth or. This can result from an action that is done both consciously or in a state of mind. As grinding or clenching while you the night can damage or chip your dental veneers, we recommend to wear the nightguard every time you go to sleep.

The general price of cosmetic dentistry is very high because of the costly equipment and equipment used. But at our plastic surgery services, we ensure that all of our patients and patients are well taken care of. In addition, their budgets are not burdened. We offer specific evaluation reports and five deals from our experts that will provide you with the most effective affordable solution to your issue.

If you've made the decision to go for dental veneers then plastic surgery can be the best solution. For more details contact us now. Find a no-cost evaluation and customized deals from our experts.

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