Buttock Augmentation – Butt Implants

Buttock Augmentation – Butt Implants

Buttock Augmentation

Popularly referred to as “Butt Implants”

Body Plastic Surgeries

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What is Buttock Augmentation?

Buttock augmentation is a process which reshapes and improves the gluteal region, giving you a more well-shaped buttock shape. Over the last ten years, this technique is becoming increasingly sought-after worldwide and has resulted in round, strong buttocks frequently regarded as a sign of sensuality and femininity. The most popular methods for expanding and shaping your buttocks is fat grafting with your own fat tissue (popularly known as"Brazilian Butt Lift") "Brazilian butt lift") or by using buttock implants.

There are two distinct methods that can be used to lift and plump your buttocks. These include surgically placed silicone implants for buttocks and the fat transfer analogous (Brazilian buttlift). Implants can provide a more smooth and rounded look for your bottom and the fat transfer gives an natural shape and lifts. The surgeon will guide you which method is best suited to reach your ideal aesthetic goals depending on the body type you have. If you have a small amount of body fat, you will benefit the most from implants for the buttocks, while fat grafting can deliver excellent results for buttocks that are sagging.

  • If your buttocks are small for your body and you'd like an overall more balanced look
  • If the form of the area of your gluteal (buttocks) appears too straight or square, and you'd like to have more curves and a younger appearance
  • If you're experiencing weight loss or aging, the process has caused your buttocks to be unbalanced, sagging or flat, you may want to consider a flat
  • If your swimwear and clothes aren't fitting properly on your body shape, you should consider changing clothes.
  • If you'd like to increase self-esteem or confidence from the process, you'll gain self-esteem and confidence.

Below are a few typical reasons you might be considering buttock augmentation

  • Your buttocks aren't big enough for your body shape and you'd like to have to have a more balanced appearance.
  • Age-related or weight loss process has made your buttocks hanging loose, sagging or flat.
  • The clothes or swimwear you wear are too loose or don't sit properly to your body.
  • A shape of or the size of your butt can make you feel self-conscious, and you would like to have more curves.

If you're healthy and in good overall health and have a positive outlook with realistic goals, then you are probably a great patient for the procedure.

The two most common methods of buttock augmentation include autologous fat transfer (using your own fat tissue) which is sometimes referred to as the Brazilian buttlift, as well as the gluteal implants surgery, which can be performed with or without fat transfer to create contours.

Based on the kind of surgery your surgeon suggests the following incisions can be made:

Transfer of fat via autologous meansThe liposuction cuts are small , and are just big enough to permit suction tubes, or cannula to penetrate the skin and eliminate the fat. The incisions for injecting this fat in the buttocks are similarly tiny.

Typically, the incision is made inside the fold that connects and buttock "cheeks." Other locations are at the outside corners of the upper buttock , and below in the gluteal fold.

In the normal course the results of the buttock augmentation surgery are long-lasting.

After the successful fat transfer buttock augmentationprocedure, the remaining fat will remain there throughout your life. As with the rest of the tissue that is in your body the fat will expand and get older along with you. If you've had implants put in the devices will not require removal until you have a late problem.

While the procedure can improve the appearance and shape of your buttocks and thighs, you must implement the necessary lifestyle changes in order to keep the look of your new appearance. A healthy diet and workout routine can be integrated into your routine in order to keep your new look.

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