Breast Augmentation – Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation – Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation - Breast Implant in Dubai

Popularly referred to as a “boob job”

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What is breast augmentation?

If weight loss or pregnancy have weakened your breasts, or you've always wanted to have a new shape or size The breast augmentation procedure could give you the appearance you want.

Breast augmentation -- also known as mammoplasty for augmentation -- is a surgical procedure used to expand the size or alter their shape. It is typically performed after the breast augmentation (breast surgical removal) and is sometimes utilized when the patient has lost substantial quantity of body weight.

The process may involve using breast implants, which come in various types, like silicone or saline-filled and in various designs. The fat can be transferred from elsewhere in the body and placed within the breast region.

Breast Augmentation is a procedure which requires either intravenous sedate as well as general anesthesia. The surgeon cuts an incision below the nipple area, underneath the breast itself, or within the armpit.

The fat or implant is inserted into a pouch within the pectoral (chest) muscle and breast tissue, or beneath the muscle itself. The incisions are sealed with the use of sutures or skin glue or tape that is specially designed for the purpose. Sometimes, dressings and a specially-designed bra are inserted. Most patients go home in the first few hours after surgery. However, full recovery takes about a week.

Breast augmentation should be done when the patient is willing to undergo it. Candidates who are physically fit and have reasonable expectations regarding the results , and have developed breasts to the fullest extent.

Patients with small breasts or breasts that have lost volume and shape following weight loss, pregnancy or aging can be candidates for an augmentation procedure. Breasts that are asymmetrical or didn't develop as they should can be addressed through surgical augmentation.

Like all cosmetic surgeries the procedure of breast augmentation is efficient for those who are healthy and have good skin and have good muscle tone.

It's unrealistic to think that breast augmentation is able to fully restore the look of breasts that are youthful. The procedure can cause changes in sensation, specifically in the nipple region. An augmentation of the breasts cannot fix the drooping of the breasts. That calls for a lift of the breast that is a distinct procedure.

All women seek to have a sculpted, smooth breasts. Ageing, weight fluctuations and having children all impact the structure and the skin of the breasts, which causes the breasts to shrink in shape. The purpose of a breast lift is for restoring the youthful look of the breasts. It allows you to appear more confident and feminine.

A lot of women suffer from large breasts. Shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain , and difficulties in exercising are only some of the issues related to large breasts. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure to shrink the size of breasts and to shape them to give you an natural, proportionate, and natural look.

Although they are relieved to have survived breast cancer, women who had breast tissue removed are often feeling they've lost something. If it's a lumpectomy or mastoidectomy, or double-mastectomy, women are often feeling that they've lost a portion of their femininity. Reconstruction surgery for breasts helps to restore femininity and also improve confidence and create a sense of completeness.

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